Timothy Garton Ash - George Orwell Day
Wednesday 05 July 2017 -
18:30 to 20:00

Timothy Garton Ash has spent the last ten years writing Freedom of Speech. Ten principles for a connected world now published in Spanish by Tusquets 2017, drawing on material of the website http://freespeechdebate.com/en/  he set up for people to join the debate. Timothy Garton Ash argues that in this connected world that he calls cosmopolis, the way to combine freedom and diversity is to have more but also better free speech.

He will speak of the threats and debates that surround freedom of expression, such as the rise of right-wing populisms, laws against the language of hatred or conflicts between humor and religion.

Timothy Garton Ash is a internationally acclaimed historian, political writer and Guardian columnist. He is the winner of the 2017 Charlemagne Prize and has won the Orwell Prize for Journalism.