Wednesday 20 January 2021 to Thursday 30 December 2021

Take part in "Universal Poem": a collective, multilingual and infinite poem  

Last December 30th 2020 saw the launch of“Universal Poem”, a project created and run by Arrebato Publishers and the Madrid POETAS Festival with the support of the British Council, among other national and international arts organisations and institutions.  

"Universal Poem" is an artistic and social initiative that gives people the opportunity to join together by writing a verse in real time on twitter,  in a text message (free) or on the project’s website. All the verses together will form a single poem without end belonging to all humanity, a “universal poem”. The verses must be a maximum of 70 characters long, they can be either anonymous or signed and will be published in the original language of each author.   

The project will also have a physical presence on façades and in open spaces in emblematic buildings around the world where two screens will be installed: one with the latest published verse and another with the number of verses already written, allowing people to interact live while they write and then watch how their verses appear on the screen.

Find out how to take part in this universal project here: