Tuesday 23 October 2018 to Sunday 28 October 2018

After the great success of its first three snacks, the British Council and Espacio Fundación Telefónica, in collaboration with The App Date, open a window on the production of immersive experiences in the field of music. From the mastery of the beatboxer Reeps One and his 360º 3D sound to the futuristic journey through a universe that reacts to the music of the producer N'to's Chez Nous, through to  the project based on real events by Hazel Grian, the music industry is a fantastic source of complete sensory experiences. The Madrid audience can also enjoy the project of the Icelandic singer Björk, produced by the British studios Campbell Beaton.

Björk: NotGet VR (2016)

Björk / Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones / Campbell Beaton

In NotGet VR, viewers join an evolving Björk avatar in the visual landscape of Vulnicura in a CGI Virtual Reality Music Video.  NotGet VR was also exhibited as part of Björk Digital and was directed by London based artists Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones. The filmmaking duo combine photographic and filmic art and digital domains, and have produced artwork with Björk for her last 3 albums.


Fantasynth (2017)

HelloEnjoy / music by N’to

Oculus Rift / HTC Vive

Fantasynth is an audio-reactive music experience in VR. Glide through infinite spaces that come alight with the atmospheric music of french producer N’to’s Chez Nous.  


Reeps One: Does Not Exist (2016)

Reeps One / The Mill / Aurelia Soundworks

Beatbox phenomenon Reeps One composed and performed Does Not Exist specifically for mixing in 3D sound and spacial audio, making it the first music video of its kind. Audiences can explore an array of sonically and visually stunning locations while immersed in a 360-degree convergence of sound and image. 


We Sing in Fire and Blood (2018)

Hazel Grain / Composers: Duncan Speakman & Sarah Anderson / All Seeing Eye

Samsung Gear

Seven years ago in Bristol, writer/director Hazel Grian was brutally attacked by an intruder and left for dead while her house burned. Designed to be uplifting and positive and to be experienced in groups, this is the first chapter of what will eventually become a larger performance. Encounter a cast of police officers, nurses, neighbours and friends as they sing about their part in solving a horrific crime and caring for the victim. We Sing In Fire And Blood is a virtual reality choral work exploring how we survive extreme violence. It is a unique and powerful VR piece based on a true story.

Nothing to be Written 

BBC / 59 Productions

Nothing to be Written is a contemporary response to the First War World and takes the ‘field postcard’ as its inspiration.

The experience was produced by the BBC’s VR Hub and art and technology collective 59 Productions and is set to a score by contemporary composer Anna Meredith. The spatial sound recording and mix comes from the BBC’s Audio Research & Development team.

“This extraordinary piece is a brilliant example of the BBC’s cutting-edge work in virtual reality,” said Zillah Watson, commissioning editor, BBC VR Hub. “It’s the most exciting new technology in media today, and we’re using it to give viewers a new perspective on music and art with the BBC Proms”