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Logo for Barcelona City Council

Ajuntament de Barcelona

CIAJ (Centre d’Informació i Assessorament per a Joves) is the Youth Information and Advisory Centre managed by the Youth and Adolescence Committee Barcelona City Council.


Aseproce logo


The Asociación Española de Promotores de Cursos en el Extranjero is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting quality, professionalism and the interests of students in international education.   

Madrid City Council logo

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Madrid strives to make the Spanish capital a model for other cities and regions in the world, seeking to consolidate its position as a leading international city.

Circulo formación logotipo

Circulo Formación

Circulo Formacion specializes in providing full marketing, communication and consulting services to different sectors, especially the Education sector, offering efficient marketing, management and recruitment solutions to Universities, Colleges, Business Schools, Primary and Secondary Schools and High Schools.
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logo for the Escuelas Católicas network of schools

Escuelas Católicas

Escuelas Católicas (FERE-CECA)  has represented the interests of 2003 schools throughout Spain since 1957 and our Departament of Education and Management has administered the network's schools since 1989.  Escuelas Católicas also defends the rights, religious freedoms and pedagogy of our members and promotes innovation,  knowledge sharing and capacity building for our staff.    

Logo for the National Association of British Schools in Spain


The National Association of British Schools in Spain exists to defend members' interests and to help maintain the quality of British education in Spain.

Logo for Siena group Spain


The Siena group is the leading editorial groupdedicated to Education in Spain and has provided access to quality information for teachers, parents and students for over 140 years.