Sunday 18 February 2018 -
21:00 to 22:00

El Paracaidista and the British Council launch a series of British documentaries in original version. The third in the series is about Grayson Perry.

In this brand-new three part series, the Turner-Prize and BAFTA winning artist Grayson Perry will explore the theme of identity and portraiture. In a culture saturated with selfies, the moment when an artist tries to cut through the noise and nail us in a single likeness - intended to define us for posterity - has taken on a new significance. In each of these films, Grayson will spend time with people who are at a crossroads or crisis about their own identity, and will make portraits to reveal the truths about who we are. Part-psychologist and part-detective, Grayson will hunt for clues to the sitter’s inner life and distil them into a single image.

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