11 Million Reasons to Dance ©

Photography by Sean Goldthorpe commissioned by People Dancing.

Wednesday 09 May 2018 to Friday 22 June 2018

Did you know there are more than 11 million disabled people in the UK?

People Dancing, the UK development organisation and membership body for community and participatory dance, supported by Unlimited Impact and Arts Council England (under its strategic touring programme), have come together to create 11 Million Reasons to Dance,  an exhibition with Sean Goldthorpe’s images, where deaf, sight impaired and disabled people are centre stage, re-imagining iconic roles from well-known and loved films from a diversity of genres.

The stunning, powerful, emotive, and humorous images are diverse with many bringing a subtle but relevant message. The project aims to be a resource and inspiration to a number of people, especially deaf, sight impaired and disabled people.

This is part of the Nosaltres cycle at the Teatre Lliure which is focusing on Disability, Homelessness, Refugees and Sexual diversity. 


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