Wednesday 11 November 2020 -
17:00 to 18:00

The imaginary worlds of pirates in the Roman Empire and the Knights of the Round Table are the backdrop for the works of the two writers taking part in this latest episode of “Brit ‘Lit: It's Time to Talk”, our online British writers season presented in partnership with Málaga’s major municipal arts centre La Térmica.

The versatile Giles Kristian, (as well as a novelist he’s a musician and writes scripts for film and video games), is best known for his "Raven" series about a young man’s coming of age amongst a band of Viking warriors. The publisher Edhasa is responsible for bringing "Lancelot" to Spain, Kristian’s epic novel that tells the story of the most celebrated of all King Arthur's knights through the warrior's own words.

For his part, Simon Scarrow was a history teacher for several years before becoming one of the most successful writers in the field of historical fiction thanks to two sagas: "Eagle" and "Revolution." This year Edhasa has published “Pirata: Pirates Rule the Roman Seas”, a dramatic novel of the pirates who hunt the seas of the Roman Empire, written together with T. J. Andrews with whom he has previously written several novels.

In the introduction to our conversations with Giles Kristian and Simon Scarrow we’ll be joined by a representative from Edhasa to help place us in context of the world of historical fiction before speaking to the writers themselves.

You can watch it here: