Tuesday 13 March 2018

Future curious? On 13 March a future-‘supergroup’ will gather for the first time in Barcelona. Brought to you by Atlas of the Future and Ara, ‘Fixing the future: adventures in a better tomorrow’ will explore the talent solving the audacious goals of our planet with radical methods. Meet the innovators fixing our food, economy and energy, and tackling climate change and water scarcity at the CCCB.

Atlas of the Future love asking changemakers who speak ‘human’ to help everyone understand the super-cool stuff making the world better. Can we feed 10 billion people and not destroy the planet? Can we have water and energy for all? Are cities the farms of the future? How can communities control their own energy supply? Can cattle help win the battle against climate change? Is transparency vital for sustainability?

Answering these questions, and more, are 10 award-winning groundbreaker such as author Gaia Vince, Kate Raworth 21st Century economist and the futurist Mark Stevens