Wednesday 07 October 2020 -
17:00 to 18:00

In this latest episode of “It's Time to Talk: let's talk about books”, our online British writers season presented in partnership with Málaga’s major municipal arts centre La Térmica we have the opportunity to talk to two British authors whose debut novels sparked immediate critical acclaim and commercial success.

The publication of “Saltwater” (Seix Barral Spanish ed.) made Jessica Andrews into one of the UK’s most significant literary revelations of recent years, "a debut that portrays the normal life of a young woman in a unique and different way" (The Guardian) and a voice that has been compared to Sally Rooney and Edna O'Brien.

With its delicate, poetic, and unconventional approach, “Saltwater” explores the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, the challenges of changing class identity, and how difficult it is to put a name to the different ways we love.

Meanwhile Anne Youngson is proof that the literary muse can appear at any time in life. She began writing her first novel “Meet me at the Museum” (Ed. Maeva Spanish ed.) at the age of 67. Once published it was nominated for the prestigious Costa Award First Novel Award in 2018 and was subsequently translated into several languages.

An epistolary novel that delves into the themes of self-discovery or second chances among many others, “Meet me at the Museum” is a celebration of love, friendship and the surprises that life can spring upon us at any age.

We’ll be talking to them about what motivated them to become writers and what stimulates their intellectual curiosity, not to mention the advice or tips for future novelists that we also asked them to share with us. We’ll be joined by their editors at Ediciones Maeva (“Meet me at the Museum”) and Seix Barral, “Saltwater”, to discuss aspects related to the publication of foreign authors and looking specifically at what led to the publication of these novels in Spain.

You can watch them here: