Thursday 02 May 2019 to Sunday 05 May 2019

The forthcoming edition the LEV festival (Laboratory of Visual Electronics) in Gijón includes an impressive UK programme of seven projects that demonstrate the innovative force of the current British scene in the field of electronic sound creation and its relationship with the visual arts. The British Council continues with its commitment to opening new spaces for collaboration between avant-garde artists within the framework of its "Changing industries" programme in order to highlight new narratives arising from the current technological revolution. We support the LEV festival as a first level inspirational platform for the Spanish public. This year’s Gijón edition will continue in Madrid in the Autumn (October 17-20) with another significant representation of UK artists.

Iglooghost Live A / V [Brainfeeder. UK]
Seamus Malliagh is a very young London artist who creates music, videos and amazing images under the name of Iglooghost.His work takes place in a fictional world called Mamu, inhabited by strange gods and giant beings. A fantastic world that has its own language and morphology and expands with each new recording he releases.In his debut album, Neo Wax Bloom (Brainfeeder, 2017), Seamus built a crazy, intense and delirious soundtrack in which he introduced characters to create his fantasy world. In his later works, Iglooghost combines crystalline synthesizers, voices speaking in invented languages, orchestral nuances and a breath-taking rhythm.

Gazelle Twin "Pastoral" [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.UK]
Elizabeth Walling's first performance in Spain was at the L.E.V Festival in 2015. In this edition she returns to the LEV as the enigmatic Gazelle Twin with her latest project, Pastoral.La Nave de LABoral will host the presentation of this new performance, a soundtrack for convulsive times composed by Walling after the disappointment caused by Brexit.

Broken English Club Live [L.I.E.S. / Jealous God. UK]
Veteran producer Oliver Ho will visit the L.E.V. with his most experimental sound project: Broken English Club, in which he approaches the parameters of industrial music.

Overmono Live [XL Recordings. UK] 
Under their respective artistic names, Truss and Tessela, brothers Tom and Ed Russell have carved their respective and formidable reputations as producers. Their DJ sessions are more suitable for clubs or dance music events, while their concerts are more expansive and immersive musical experiences. 

Radioactive Man Live [UK] 
The London producer Keith Tenniswood (50% of the legendary Two Lone Swordsmen with Andrew Weatherall), premieres at the L.E.V. with his very personal Radioactive Man project, focused on electro, bass music and robotic sounds. 

Bliss Signal [True Panther Sounds x Profound Lore Records. UK] 
Bliss Signal, the mind-blowing project led by James Kelly (Wife, Altar of Plagues) and Jack Adams (Mumdance), goes beyond Kelly's black metal and the electronic textures of Mumdance to project a kind of transcendent fury, thus welding a mixture of very effective and wild sounds.

Lanark Artefax "Monolith" Live A / V [Whities. UK]
The abstract techno of Lanark Artefax’s futuristic audiovisual live performance will flood the Teatro de la Laboral. It will be an opportunity to enjoy one of the great revelations of contemporary IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), highly applauded by critics and audiences ever since his debut with Glasz on the Lee Gamble UIQ label.

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