Wednesday 30 January 2019 to Saturday 02 February 2019


Who knew an hour of jumping up and down would touch so many people in so many ways? (Ka Bradley, Springback Magazine)

Idiot-Syncrasy is a choreography in which two performers jump. And not just that. They jump, they insist, they dance, they persevere, they sing ... and they keep jumping. Throughout 45 minutes Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas don’t stop jumping while performing various actions in a bare space, where there is nothing but their own bodies.

Igor and Moreno is a London based contemporary dance company, directed by Igor Urzelai (1983, San Sebastian) and Moreno Solinas (1987, Sardinia). Since forming in 2012, they have toured extensively across the globe, and their works have been met by public and critical acclaim. The company has been nominated for awards such as the Total Theatre Award for Dance and the National Dance Awards, as well as being promoted in numerous international dance platforms including Aerowaves, British Dance Edition, National Italian Dance Platform and the British Council Showcase.

One of the most stunning, innovative, bold, daring, clever, funny and sexy shows I have seen in years’

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Movement Workshop with Igor and Moreno

In the framework of New UK Dance, Igor and Moreno's class aims to prepare the body, the mind and the voice for the working day. It encourages expansive and articulate dancing whilst keeping alert, communicative and connected to the group.

Date: Wednesday 30th January, 2019
Deadline to apply: 23rd January, 2019
Schedule: 11am to 1pm
For: Artists and performers of all ages and abilities (limited places available)

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