Tuesday 29 November 2016 to Sunday 08 January 2017

Open Call - Sustainable Fashion by British Council / Workshop – Athens. Until 8th of January 2017.

Following the success of the first Sustainable Fashion workshop, organized by the British Council in Marseille (France) last May in collaboration with the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mod , the British Council continues supporting this sector with the launch of a second workshop, this time in Athens, next 2nd and 3rd of February at ATOPOS  A European call is open until 8th January, and the British Council in Spain is looking at three Spanish designers and creative entrepreneurs to be part of the delegation to attend this special event.

On this occasion, participants will be able to discuss first-hand the challenges facing the textile industry with Alice Holmberg (associate professor of Central Saint Martin's), Orsola De Castro (founder and director of Fashion Revolution), Stamos Fafalios (Director of Atopos) and Ζeus & Dione (fashion designers). The meetings will be moderated by two editors in the fashion sector: Efi Falida and Elis Kiss. 

In addition, a workshop will be organized for young European designers in which they will develop the skills necessary to lead a sustainable artistic and business project.

The Sustainable Fashion program will also land in Spain next February, in collaboration with MFShow and Ecoembes. Do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter to receive more information.

The workshop will be in English and will take place 2nd and 3rd of February

The British Council will provide to the three delegates from Spain awarded by the jury, ticket flight to Athens and accommodation (one night).

About Sustainable Fashion 

Sustainable fashion, or eco fashion, refers to a recent trend or philosophy in fashion that aims in creating a sustainable system that will focus on the human factor and the environmental and social responsibility of fashion.

The growth of the global fashion industry has also meant a growth in the global consumption of clothing. As a result, there is an increasing interest in sustainable and ethical approaches to garment design, production and business. Through exposes on working conditions of workers as well the environmental impacts of mass production, high street retailers are being pushed to consider how to rework the industry into more sustainable methods.

The UK fashion industry has been one at the forefront of research and initiatives for pioneering new approaches to sustainable fashion. These ways of thinking are being integrated at a higher education level through university-based research centres like the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, the Designer-Manufacturer Innovation Support Centre and the Textile Futures Research Centre. Degrees such as the MA Fashion Futures course at the London College of Fashion and the MA Fashion Enterprise and Society at the University of Leeds are exploring design thinking for a future fashion system. Major retailers are seeking out courses as a means to develop new ideas, such as Nike’s collaboration with London College of Fashion and Marks & Spencer’s with the University of Leeds. 

Organisations and communities like Ethical Fashion Forum, Fashion Revolution, the Green Catwalk Challenge, Love Your Clothes and Schwopping give designers and those interested the opportunity to promote awareness and exchange ideas. Major UK designers like Stella McCartney have become globally known for their ethical and environmental conscious brands.

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