Wednesday 25 May 2016 to Sunday 29 May 2016

Prototipoak, International meeting of new artistic forms 

Cai Tomos, Julian Germain, Mike Pearson, Mike Brookes y Graeme Miller among the guests.

From 25 to 29 May Azkuna Zentroa will be organising the International Meeting of New Artistic Forms 'Prototipoak', originating from the programme ‘3, 2, 1, International Meeting of New Performing Forms’. This international meeting, held every two years as a Biennale, seeks to bring new artistic formats closer to the public through the use of unusual spaces and artistic processes created in collaboration with the community. 'Prototipoak' will include several artists and projects, which from the site specific, from the adaptation of their work to a proposed context, suggest new experiences for the public.

Performance / site-specific radio installation where a group of broadcasters and commentators describe the flow of the city from the skyscrapers of Bailén road, broadcasting these descriptions within the exhibition hall of the Azkuna Zentroa.

Multi-site performance through the streets of Bilbao re-enacting the performance ‘Carrying Lyn’ that Brookes and Pearson carried out in Cardiff (2001). This time, a group of friends will carry Rubén Mateos, a performer with functional diversity.

‘Work and Play’ JULIAN GERMAIN
Urban exhibition of photographic based on the training of young people in traditional Basque sport schools, distributed around the city in advertising spaces. Moreover, some audiovisual pieces will be shown on the Azkuna Zentroa screens.

‘Forgetting and remembering ourselves’ CAI TOMOS
Workshop that will involve working with elderly people in which dance and movement will be viewed as a creative process. The final performance prepared during the workshop will take place in the Auditorium of Azkuna Zentroa.‘Forgetting and remembering ourselves’ is a celebration of all the bodies. Their limitations and possibilities, expressing their beauty through simple movements we call dancing".

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