Sustainable Brands
Sunday 07 May 2017 to Tuesday 09 May 2017

Sustainability is crucial in today’s society. 

Within the British Council’s Sustainable fashion program to promote exchange of good practice , the British Council is collaborating with the Sustainable Brands Days from the 7th to 9th May in Madrid. 

On Sunday 7th May two award winning designers from the Sustainable Fashion Workshop of Athens, Andrea Salina from NOW THEN and Federico Sainz de Robles de Sepiia  will be presenting their projects and debating the future of sustainable fashion in our country as part of the Sustainable Sundays. 

On the 8th May, Sarah Ditty from the Fashion Revolution (UK) will share her thoughts on what the fashion industry needs to do to achieve sustainability. She will be joined by Teresa Sádaba (ISEM Fashion Business School), Delia Garcia (El Corte Inglés) and Marcos López-Brea (UBUNTU). 

The talk on the 7th may is free and open to all audiences

The round table of the 8th May is open to professionals. 




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