Tuesday 12 December 2017 to Wednesday 13 December 2017

The city of Madrid hosts the third European Sustainable Fashion Workshops by British Council.

Given the success of the first Sustainable Fashion workshops organised by the British Council in Marseilles (France) in partnership with the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode, and in Athens in partnership with Atopos, this British organisation continues with its commitment to the sector by organising this third event which will take place in Madrid on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December thanks to the support of the City Hall of Madrid. 32 young professionals from the sector in Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and the United Kingdom have been selected to take part. Parts of the event will be broadcast live via the British Council Facebook Live channel.


The event will bring together young professionals from the fashion industry already on the route to sustainability. During two days it will be dispel some of the myths around sustainability and aesthetics and sustainability and consumption. For fashion entrepreneurs starting out now sustainability is not about cutting back; it’s an essential feature of their future and this workshop will provide the necessary environment in which to discover how to undertake the challenges they face.

The workshop will be run by “That Something”  in collaboration with, among others, the British brand ONEBYME. Spanish participants include Charo Izquierdo, director Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Virginia Trujillo (EcoALF), Salva Cayuela from the online shop Do The Woo or Paloma López from the Circular Project, with the support of ACME (Asociación Creadores de Moda de España). The  project "Worth Partnership Project EU", supported by the European Commission will also be presented.

That Something: Alice Holmberg

“To design is to vividly experience what doesn‘t exist yet” says Alice Holmberg and as a designer and entrepreneur at That Something, she has rich scope for doing so. She is one of these big picture people who can’t just leave it alone and says she co-established an entirely new university institute because the understanding of design needed a paradigm shift, was analysing post-colonial national identity building and its personal expression out of crude curiosity, has been playing a key part in building up a London based charity, because local people’s creativity deserve a voice in change happening around them and you will find her advising start-ups simply because the world misses out without them.

Born and bred in Denmark, she has lived the last decades in Germany, Bangladesh, Greece and the UK, where she is currently based. Alice also teaches Creative Resilience at Central St Martins, UAL and is a member of the German National Academic Foundation and a fellow of the British Royal Society of the Arts.


ONEBYME is an urban, gender fluid brand in which garments are engineered from ONE piece of cloth to allow everyone the freedom to live, move and breathe. ONEBYME is the brainchild of Elsa Ellies and Miles Dunphy who met at the Royal College of Art where they presented their first collection together in June 2016. Although innovative design and the relentless pursuit for craftsmanship remains at the core of ONEBYME, they also believe it is imperative to consider and improve the impact of their creative process, leading to a world in which fashion waste could be turned into food. The aim of the brand is zero waste. To achieve this they have initiated a process of producing compost from their fabric remnants from which food can be grown.

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