Monday 06 November 2023 - 19:00 to Tuesday 07 November 2023 - 21:00

Have you ever wondered if the Earth can emit sounds? Find out by joining the XII MIRA Digital Arts Festival in Barcelona throughe Synchronies, an immersive auditive experience created by Sound Earth Legacy, Cellule Studio and Kinda Studios. Thanks to the support of the British Council through its International Collaboration Grant Programme, these three studios have joined forces to create an artwork which aims to highlight the interconnection between people, the planet and species.  

Before launching its programme, MIRA Festival offers two days filled with Side Events in which the audience will have access to innovative and exclusive projects. These will include live audiovisual shows, digital arts installations, immersive experiences and professional talks covering a wide variety of topics. From 6 to 7 November you will get the chance to turn into a fundamental element of Synchronies, a 15 minute interactive installation that combines neuroscience with sound art. The event will take place at Hangar (Carrer Emilia Coranty, 16) on Monday, 6 November at 19:00 hs and at 20:00 hs, as well as on Tuesday, 7 November at 18:00 hs19:00 hs and 20:00 hs. Dare to jon and discover the power of nature and of your own body. Access is free but with limited capacity. 

Cellule Studio is a design consultancy imagining health and body futures. They combine the power of design with scientific research and emerging interactive technologies to create novel embodied experiences.​ 

Sound Earth Legacy is a multidisciplinary team coming from the music industry, international cooperation, film and communications. Their mission is to mitigate climate change giving voice to scientific projects through sound and music.​

Kinda Studios is a neuroaesthetics studio exploring the human experience. They apply neuroscience research from the labs into creative projects to help art, culture & technology work harder for people’s wellbeing, acting as a bridge between academic laboratories and the creative sector. ​

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