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Results for paper based exams are available between six and eight weeks after you take the exam and computer-based exams are two weeks after the exam. Any remaining results will be released after the following two weeks.


Candidates now have direct access to their results via the Cambridge Assessment English Results Service. Each candidate's personal timetable will include login details and candidates will also receive an e-mail notifying them that the results release period has begun. Please note that candidates must retain their timetables until they have received their results.


All Preparation Centres that register candidates for Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations will be able to access their students' results and Statement of Results directly on the Cambridge Assessment English site for Preparation Centres. Following registration, you will receive an e-mail with login details. Please note that candidates who have registered through a centre can sign up to the Online Results Service.


If you have passed your exam, your certificate will be sent to your British Council examination centre approximately two months after your results are released.

If you registered through your school or a preparation centre, your certificate will be sent to your school.

If you registered as an individual candidate, your certificate will be delivered to your British Council examination centre and it will be sent to you by courrier to the address provided.

Young Learners

You will receive an award from Cambridge English Language Assessment, showing your performance in each part of the test – Listening, Reading and Writing and Speaking.

For each part of the test you get one or more Cambridge shields (up to a maximum of five) so you could get a total of 15 shields for the whole test!

Young Learner results are issued approximately eight weeks after the date of your examination. Everyone who completes their test receives an award, which focuses on what they could do (not what they couldn’t do). It gives them credit for having taken part in the test.

Results Verification Service

The Results Verification Service helps organisations, individuals and agencies to validate candidates' Cambridge English examination results gathered from 2005 inclusively.

The service is free of charge and available online.

Anyone can use it once they have been given permission to verify a result by the certificate holder.

Extended certification

From March 2011 Cambridge English has introduced Extended Certification, which is aimed at giving many candidates additional credit for the language skills they have demonstrated in a Cambridge English examination. It also aims to help universities, employers and other organisations get a clearer picture of how candidates' results relate to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Result enquiries

If are not happy with your exam result, Cambridge English has a vigorous and thorough Result Enquiry Procedure (see attached form below) to ensure all components are checked and, if requested, re-marked. If you want to query your result, this must be submitted through the British Council examinations centre on your behalf.

Results Enquiry procedure:

The Results Enquiry procedure has two Stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. To request a Stage 2 enquiry, a candidate must have received their results and completed Stage 1 of the Results Enquiry Process.

Stage Results enquiry procedure How long does it take?
Stage 1* A clerical re-check Approximately 4 weeks
Stage 2** A re-mark of all written papers
(Please note that this process does not apply to any Speaking test component)
Approximately 5 weeks**
* Young Learners exams (Cambridge English: Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers): Stage 1 re-check includes the re-mark of all written papers.
** To request a Stage 2 enquiry, a candidate must have received their results and completed Stage 1 of the Results Enquiry Process.

 Deadlines and fees:

Stage Enquire on Results deadline Fees
Stage 1* Up to 15 days after the exam results publication date. All exams:
Stage 2** Up to one week after Stage 1 is received.



Payment of Enquiry on Results fees:

Payment should be done through bank transfer. Please note that you must include the following text in the reference: Enquiry on Results – Nane of exam – Candidate full name.
These are our bank account details for payment:

Owner: Delegación en España de la Fundación British Council
Bank: La Caixa
Account number: 2100 6522 9922 0010 5211
IBAN: ES65 2100 6522 9922 0010 5211

Steps to follow:

To request an Enquiry on Results, please complete the Enquiry on Results on-line form at the end of the page. Note that during the process you will be asked to include copy of the Enquiry on Results payment receipt.
Please remember that to request a Stage 2 enquiry, a candidate must have received their results and completed Stage 1 of the Results Enquiry Process.

Once your enquiry is processed, we will email you a letter from Cambridge  Assessment English with the resolution. If your final global grade is changed, you will receive refund of the enquiry on results fees and you will be asked to send us your previous certificate in order to issue a new one.

Enquiry on Results