Aptis for Teachers is a variant of Aptis General. It has been designed specifically to help teachers and other candidates working in the education sector. It may be used by teachers to certify their level of English as an entrance or exit requisite for higher education courses, and is recognised for Habilitación Lingüística in the Comunidad de Madrid for B2 level certification (Please note that for C1 level certification, Aptis Advanced is the recognised Aptis variant).

Aptis for Teachers has been designed specifically for the education sector; it can be fully integrated into existing systems and managed locally, enabling teachers’ English levels to be tracked over time and the success of training programmes to be measured effectively.

The structure and length of Aptis for Teachers is the same as Aptis general. However, the test content relates specifically to teachers and questions tap into themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day. As a result, questions are familiar to them, allowing them to focus purely on the language rather than the context of the questions.


  • English teachers working in schools, colleges, universities around the world
  • Teachers of other subjects in schools, colleges, universities around the world
  • English teachers in large scale language programs, including commercially-run programs
  • Students on teacher training or university programs
  • Other professionals working in educational contexts

Aptis General and Aptis for teachers have the same validity and both are now been officially recognised by several Comunidades Autónomas for oposiciones and Universities and CRUE (Confederación de Rectores y Universidades Españolas) and the following organisations:

Comunidad Aut. de Galicia

Comunidad Aut. de Madrid

If you have any questions for our Aptis team, we will be happy to help. Please send an email to: aptis@britishcouncil.es