Take part in the 2016 edition of Big Dance. Big Dance is the world’s largest dance programme with more than two million people having taken part in the project since it first took place in 2006.

Big Dance is an initiative organised every two years in the United Kingdom by the Foundation for Community Dance and the Mayor of London’s office. Since 2006 this activity has brought together hundreds of thousands of people all over the world around a single choreography created especially for the occasion by an outstanding British Council choregrapher. In 2012, the year of the London Olympics, more than 3,500 activities were organised related to Big Dance.

The opportunity is open amateur or professional individuals and to all kinds of collectives (schools, associations, groups, etc.) who want to take part in a united dance performance. Anyone can take part in Big Dance as it is inclusive of all ages, levels of experience and types of body. Big Dance provides free on-line resources and tutorials.

This year the outstanding choreographer Akram Khan has created the Big Dance piece to music specially composed by Nitin Sawhney and inspired by three themes:

  • Identity, journey and migration.
  • Connection, human ritual and spirituality.
  • Hope, Aspiration and Achievement.

How to Take Part in the Big Dance Pledge 2016

This great dance celebration will take place in Madrid on 25 June at 18:00. If you haven't attended our dress rehearsals at the Conde Duque Centre you have to: 

1. Sign up now, register for free access to the choreographic resources– films, music track and written guides. Before or after you’ve signed up, take a look at the Inspired By films to see how you could develop the dance for your group.

2.Use them with your dance group, friends or colleagues to learn the dance.

3. Register in the event by filling in this form.

Don't miss out on this exciting experience! :-)

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Artists training for Big Dance
Artists training for Big Dance

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