The British Council in collaboration with the Otoño a Primavera festival, the Mercat de les Flors, the Teatre Lliure, the Teatros del Canal and the sala Cuarta Pared present Dance Dance Dance UK, a unique cicle which brings together a selection of excellent contemporary British Choreographers. 

Following the success of Conceal/Reveal of  the Russel Maliphant Company at the Teatro Canal last month, we will be able to enjoy the productions of Claire Cunningham (February – Teatre Lliure / Sala Cuarta Pared) , Matthew Bourne (15-18 March – Teatros del Canal) and Jonathan Burrows (17-19 March – Mercat de les Flors).

With these four productions the British Council confirms the role of dance as one of the more universal languages; embracing diversity with Claire Cunningham, overcoming time with Matthew Bourne and exploring range with Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion. 

Russell Maliphant | 3-5 November 2016 | Teatros del Canal

Conceal/ Reveal marks the 20th year of the collaboration between choreographer Russell Maliphant and lighting designer Michael Hulls. Together they have developed a unique and unparalleled language between light and movement

In this programme we will see the iconic piece Broken Fall presented by Maliphant’s company of exceptional dancers who will also perform Piece No. 43 and the solo <<both, and>>, created especially for Dana Fouras, former principal dancer for the Royal Ballet. 

Please, watch the video here.

Claire Cunningham | Different dates and cities

The Scottish choreographer and dancer Claire Cunningham explores her physicality in a solo inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch. 

In a starkly beautiful work of transcendence and struggle, Claire delves into the work of medieval painter Hieronymous Bosch, to explore religion, religious art, and the judgment of souls and bodies.

Through tests of both body and faith, Give Me A Reason To Live draws upon imagery of disabled people in Bosch’ s apocalyptic paintings to question our present perspectives on “otherness” and “difference”. Powerfully physical, visually striking, and set to a mesmerising score, Give Me a Reason to Live invites us to consider our own empathy, sympathy or indifference, in a work of both generosity and brutal immediacy.

Please, watch the video here and find information about the dates and the cities below:

  • 10-12 February at Teatre Lliure (Barcelona).
  • 16-18 February at the sala Cuarta Pared (Madrid) as part of the Otoño a Primavera festival.

Matthew Bourne | 15-18 March 2017 | Teatros del Canal

Matthew Bourne is considered as one of the most successful choreographers and directors in the UK. In Early Adventures, Bourne presents a programme which includes his early work which launched his career and saw the birth of the style, wit and sheer entertainment that have become hallmarks of the New Adventures company today. The Infernal Galop was inspired by icons of France in the thirties and forties as seen by the uptight English imagination and Town and Country, a harking back to the past via a musical collage of British Idols. 

The first presentation in Spain of Early Adventures is part of the thirtieth anniversary of the company. New Adventures receives support from the Arts Council. 

 Please, watch the video here. 


Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion | 17-19 March 2017 | Mercat de Flors

Situated somewhere between dance, comedy and performance art, the work of Burrows and Fargion radiates delight even as it makes the audience think. Over the past twelve years the two artists have built a body of duets which mix the formality of classical music composition with an open and often anarchic approach to performance and audiences, bringing them a worldwide following. Both artists will present in Barcelona their dance production TRANSactions: Hysterical Furniture.