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What do English teachers from Spain, Lithuania, Ukraine and Latvia, a former student of the University of Essex, the winner of the IELTS Award Spain and a professor from the Turkish Ondokuz Mayis University have in common?

All of them have participated in the English, education, arts and culture programmes that the British Council has been developing in Europe for over eight decades. Thanks to them, while they are broadening their professional and life horizons, they are also contributing to transform society.

Discover how the British Council Europe community generates connections and shared experiences with the Human Stories publication, collecting testimonials from students, collaborators, scholarship recipients and much more from across Europe.

Discover the Human Stories from across Europe. 
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Agnese Vaškūna, Latvia (English teacher in the Netherlands) - Teaching and Learning in Difficult Times participant.

'It is very valuable to interact with Ukrainian colleagues and listen to their experiences and challenges. [...] They need to know that they are not alone in this situation, that we are all united, stand with them and are ready to help'.

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Ivan Koperlos, Ukraine (Teacher facilitator) - New Ukrainian School project.

'In light of the war context, we have become even more responsible and willing to work. It's like when you break a part of a plant and it tries to grow even more wilfully. It's the same with teachers'.

Human Stories - Aida, image

Aida Lorca Arce, Spain (Student, University of Groningen) - IELTS Award Spain 2022 winner.

'The good thing about the IELTS Award is that there are no barriers. If you want to make a difference and offer your abilities to society, you are more than welcome to apply'.

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Metin Mutlu Aydin, Turkey (Professor, Ondokuz Mayis University) - Connect4Innovation project grantee.

'In collaboration with Cardiff University, we aim to train qualified individuals in Intelligent Transportation Systems and green cities [...] and reduce the shortage of qualified personnel in the relevant fields with our project'.

Human Stories - Ruth, image

Ruth Horsfall, Spain (Young Learner Courses Manager, British Council) - Fundación ONCE project.

'Any preconceived notions we had about how the students might be limited by their visual impairment were blown out of the window. They are simply amazing'.

Human Stories - Vlad, image

Vlad Buzoianu, Romania (Alumni, University of Essex) – Alumni Awards.

'The most important thing I learned during my degree was critical thinking and this helped me challenge different thought patterns in every business'.

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Irma Kačinauskienė, Lithuania (School principal) - Supporting School Principals as Leaders in the Curriculum Reform in Lithuania project.

'I have become an educational leadership consultant and shared gained knowledge with other principals in Lithuania, encouraging them to implement new competency-based curricula effectively'.

Discover the Human Stories from across Europe. 
Read them!