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Our Human Stories are back with a bang! Join us as we delve into the journeys of remarkable individuals from Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, and Germany. From Wojciech, a passionate young activist in Poland, to Elene, a creative force driving change in Georgia, each story highlights the transformative power of collaboration and resilience.

Step into the world of cross-border creativity with the Cultural Bridge programme, witness the impact of Merili’s leadership in Estonia, and be inspired by Neriman’s trailblazing journey in STEM.

About Human Stories
This publication collects stories from remarkable individuals who have actively participated in the British Council's English, education, arts, and culture programmes, enriching Europe for over eight decades. Their journey not only expands their professional and personal horizons but also contributes to the transformation of society.

Join us as we celebrate the British Council Europe community in our latest Human Stories publication! 

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Merili Ginter, Changemakers Academy (Estonia)

‘Thanks to the People to People programme I found the passion for my life: impact entrepreneurship. Through the Changemakers Academy project, I first heard about this and developed the network that has enabled me to start now with Impact Day.​’


Neriman Safa, Women in STEM (Turkey)

‘My childhood passion for science inspired me to defy societal expectations and live authentically as a woman who can pursue her dreams. Being a Women in STEM means Freedom. I decided to study in the UK, driven by the aspiration to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse scientific community.’

ENTER, Cultural Bridge (Germany)

‘We are excited to have the opportunity to develop our ideas together, continue conversations about our creative practice and places and find interesting meeting points.' 



Elene Toidze, Creative Industries (Georgia)

‘The British Council became more than a professional support system; it became a partner that resonated with my mission. Together, we worked on unlocking the potential of creative industries, and their guidance, resources, and connections aligned seamlessly with my vision.’

Wojciech Szumiło, GrowSPACE Foundation (Poland)

‘British Council taught me how to organise my projects so that they meet the real needs of the target group. My project aimed to equip young people with the basic knowledge of dealing with their own emotions and show them what to consider when it comes to choosing a psychologist or a therapist.’



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