Working together to shape a better world.

Our Human Stories are back, and the September 2023 edition is brimming with incredible experiences. In this edition, we proudly present stories from a diverse group of individuals:

  • Two-Ex: A dynamic female DJ duo hailing from Spain.
  • Mustafa: A distinguished Turkish scientist.
  • Corina: A dedicated Romanian teacher.
  • Makhkambek: An English teacher and student with roots in Uzbekistan.
  • Sandra: A talented German arts designer.
  • Jorge: A versatile Spanish actor, translator, and educator.
  • Riham: A diligent scientific researcher from Israel.

These remarkable individuals have actively participated in the British Council's English, education, arts, and culture programmes, enriching Europe for over eight decades. Their journey not only expands their professional and personal horizons but also contributes to the transformation of society.

Join us as we celebrate the British Council Europe community in our latest Human Stories publication. In this edition, we gather testimonials from students, collaborators, scholarship recipients, and many more from all corners of Europe.

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Corina Ionescu, Climate Action in Education (Romania)

'I suggest other teachers get involved in such activities to do smaller or more significant projects because the students like to participate, are motivated, are involved, and are part of nature.'

Prof. Dr Mustafa Sahmaran, Newton Fund (Turkey)

'We use our successful outcomes to build truly green, low-cost, and reusable houses explicitly targeted for fast and safe accommodation.' 

Makhkambek, English teacher and student (Uzbekistan)

‘I can recommend new IELTS test takers one important thing. It is enjoying their speech and having an attitude towards speaking test as a real dialogue, discussion with a friend, not just a question and answer with the examiner.' 



Sandra Junele, Berlin Design Week (Germany)

'Berlin Design Week served as an excellent platform for me to present my work and engage with the public. It was an incredibly enriching experience, allowing me to share the story behind my sustainable art panels, discuss their creative process, and highlight their environmental benefits.'

Jorge Muriel, Future Screens: BFI Screenwriting Lab (Spain)

‘The most important thing I took away from the course is the reminder that you must dare to tell the truth about yourself through your stories.'

Riham Smoom, GROWTH Fellowship programme (Israel).

'Being invited to the British Council’s UK-Israel Science Days 2023 in London as a speaker was a huge opportunity. It helped me meet and interact with people from my profession and work area, exchange knowledge, and make connections for the future.’ 



Two-Ex, #WeAreEquals Music Academy (Spain)

'For us, being given the opportunity to play at one of the most iconic stages in the framework of the Madrid Pride celebrations was a boost on so many levels.'

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