Join us at our free sessions for English Teachers to talk about current trends in English teaching and learning.

Session 1 | Newly arrived students and language diversity

This workshop will focus on practical ways in which teachers can support newly arrived students who speak additional languages to those used and taught in the new school. We will discuss different activities to scaffold lessons and instructions in order to help students integrate socially, learn survival language efficiently and generally feel safe and engaged.

Session 2 | Working with diversity - send & gender in our English lessons

Raising awareness of diversity in the classroom does not demand that individuals publicly identify their characteristics (e.g. ‘Hands up if you’re dyslexic!’). From a language teaching perspective, a classroom community that is aware of and embraces its own diversity is likely to engender more productive learning. In addition, awareness-raising activities could enable some individuals to understand themselves better, and so adapt their learning strategies to become more effective and efficient learners.

Session 3 | Storytelling and sustainable development goals

How can we engage our students with key global issues without placing the weight of the world upon them? Storytelling takes us beyond boundaries of culture, ethnicity, class, gender and language and can develop our ability to empathise with others whose lives seem different from our own. With stories as our tool, we can help students learn a language creatively whilst at the same time raising awareness of the SDGs through bringing together a range of innovative ideas for teaching creatively and addressing these key issues.

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