Training for the EMI context

Global student mobility and international exchange programmes create culturally and linguistically diverse student populations and institutions whose main language of communication and instruction is English.

Universities can help ensure quality of teaching and learning for all students in EMI contexts by supporting staff development in both methodology and language skills. 

Our English Medium of Instruction Programmes provide universities with flexible, sustainable and bespoke training programmes for staff working across all disciplines.   Find out more about each of the components we can offer below.  


Face to Face methodology courses.

We design specific methodology training for groups of lecturers based on the training needs agreed with institutions.  The training is flexible and can be delivered over time or as an intensive course.*  Content includes key areas of interest for EMI lecturers such as

  • lecturing styles for EMI (strategies and best practice)
  • dealing with large groups
  • strategies for communication in small seminars or groups
  • translanguaging 
  • supervising and tutorial work 
  • micro teaching and peer feedback
  • reflective practice
  • essential language for giving written and oral feedback.

*Our face to face courses have a minimum of 12 hours of input sessions.

Costing: depends on number of input hours and participating teachers

Observation schemes

Observation of classroom teaching is a key developmental tool used in educational institutions throughout the world.  Our EMI experts can set up a series of both diagnostic and developmental observations.

Diagnostic observations: help identify areas of teacher development relevant to a specific group of teachers.  Useful tool for consultancy to recommend training programme development.  

Developmental observations: help  individual teachers identify their own training needs and learning goals.

Costing: depends on number of classes observed and number of teachers involved.

Peer learning and observations

We can help train teachers in setting up and maintaining peer learning and observation schemes by providing training on observing, giving feedback and reflective practice.

Short seminars, talks and Masterclass

Our experts can provide talks or masterclasses to large numbers of staff aimed at raising awareness in institutions of the specific challenges and opportunities which EMI brings.

Accreditation English language levels

Our APTIS and Aptis Advanced level test allows us to effectively and accurately provide both institutions and individuals with a language profile report.

English language courses

The British Council has a network of language schools located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Segovia and Palma de Mallorca offering both online and face to face language training.

We are happy to explore how best we can work with your institution to support English language learning amongst staff.