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You can combine 30 hour modules to configure the course which best meets your needs. You can combine them to create courses of 60, 90 or 120 hours.


From intermediate to advanced (B2 - C1)

What you will learn

In our Business English programme you will learn to:

  • plan meetings and presentations
  • make and receive telephone calls
  • write emails and reports
  • attend conferences
  • use English in informal situations related to business
  • reinforce your professional image and interact with professionals of other nationalities

Develop key business communications skills and take your career to the next level

Do you have a good level of English but lack fluency in specific work situations? Our Business English courses are aimed at professionals who need to acquire the language skills to communicate and interact confidently in business contexts. 


Our Business English programme offers a unique training opportunity to help you stand out and compete effectively in international markets.

The programme, which is delivered by highly-qualified and experienced teachers, focuses on developing communicative competencies for work and social settings. There is a practical focus, allowing you to improve and review your written and spoken English in different professional situations such as meetings, conferences and presentations, both in person and by telephone. You will learn the essentials of writing a report in English, communicating fluently at a business lunch, and how to stand out from the crowd at an interview. 

Through a mix of activities and exercises, and with the help of your teacher, you will develop the ability to express yourself freely and clearly in English, whatever your profession.

Your study options

Each module consists of 30 hours of class. You can combine modules to create your own course of 60, 90 or 120 hours.

Explore study options, timetables and course fees in your city: