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Prepare for Cambridge English C1 Advanced

Prepare your C1 Advanced (CAE) with us and rest assured you will receive the best possible training and support before the exam. These are the available options: 

Three-month face to face course for C1 Cambridge English

Prepare your C1 Advanced with us and gain a deep understanding of this exam. It's an essential course if you want to be sure that you have the best possible preparation for the test.


We recommend a high C1 or a C2. The course is focussed on exam practice at a level of English which will give you a high probability of passing. If you need more preparation you can take a super intensive 20 hour online course.

If you have a low or middle C1 level, we recommend you take a general English course to raise your level and later on you can take one of these specialised courses when you are ready.

Where we teach, prices and timetables

What you will learn

In our C1 Advanced preparation courses you will be able to :

  • prepare thoroughly for the exam and develop essential exam techniques
  • improve your ability and confidence when using spoken and written English in a wide variety of situations
  • reach the level needed for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced 


Our C1 Advanced course offers you the best preparation through sessions in which you will learn useful techniques, tricks, and advice you will be able to use during the exam. Thanks to our expert examination teachers you will be able to prepare effectively on all skill sets that comprise the exam: written comprehension, use of English, written expression, oral comprehension, and oral expression. This way, you will be able to get to the exam day with plenty of confidence and maximising your opportunities to pass. 


C1 Advanced, also known as CAE, is one of the most important official English exams, and it’s a certificate that recognises a C1 level within the MCER or Common European Reference. This exam is designed to encompass the four linguistic competences, written comprehension, use of English, written expression, oral comprehension, and oral expression, as well as grammar and vocab knowledge. 

This certificate will allow you to demonstrate you can study and work at an intermediate level, and comfortably use English in your day to day whilst at an English-speaking country. 

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