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Our communication module Speaking


You can combine 30 hour modules to configure the course which best meets your needs. You can combine them to create courses of 60, 90 or 120 hours.


From intermediate to advanced (B1 to C2)

What you will learn

Depending on the specific course chosen, you will:

• practise your English and improve your oral fluency

• develop new communicative skills

• experiment with different types of language associated with different contexts: use everyday social expressions, express your interests and opinions, engage in debates and make presentations in English.

Speak from the first class

An important part of learning English is speaking correctly. With our communication courses you’ll improve your fluency in different areas of English through activities that focus on oral expression.


In our communication courses for adults you’ll work in pairs or groups under the teacher’s guidance to develop your full communicative potential in the language. You’ll also have the opportunity to experiment with different types of language for different contexts, both formal and informal.

In addition, you’ll learn to express your interests and opinions, use everyday social expressions correctly and the natural pauses of English spontaneously. You’ll develop strategies to make your conversation more fluent and natural, while gaining confidence when speaking in English.

Speak, practice, improve your pronunciation and intonation and communicate in English with confidence from day one.

Your study options

Our Communication Skills courses are delivered over 30 hours per term, in one or two days of class. This allows you to choose the course which best suits your lifestyle.

Explore study options, timetables and course fees in your city: