Friday 03 March 2017 -
20:00 to 20:30

A unique opportunity to discover short films from emerging directors from more than ten countries that have participated in the 'Dressing the Screen' program.

From the Philippines to Bosnia, via Portugal, Slovenia, Nigeria, Georgia, Indonesia, China and Russia, the British Council programme of workshops, meetings and projections 'Dressing the Screen' has created an international network of filmmakers in the field of fashion. 

In addition attendees will have the opportunity to discover William Williamson’s short documentary entitled The Silent Conversation on social dress codes in Pakistan from conservative sectors of the population to the transvestite and transsexual community. This documentary shot in Lahore demonstrates that our way of dressing is worth a thousand words and is a means of asserting our identity.

Arsenicum / Dmitry Loginov 1.21min
Autumn Winter / Georgy Rushev 1.25 min
The New Times / Sasha Wider 1.47min
TURBO Yulia / Alexei Platonov 1.15 min
Viva Vox / Natali Arefieva 1.15min
Femina / Albert Yanuar 1.41min
Ruslan Pelykh / David Gevorkov 2.15 min
Jacky Suharto / Jeffry Tan 2.27min
Kaleidoscope / David Asumah Studios 1.14min
Blanc / Jav Velasco 1.10 min
VERA / Andrey Krauzov & Yan Yugay 3.07min
The Silent Conversation / William Williamson 7.01 min

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