Siren - Ray Lee
Saturday 18 March 2017 to Sunday 23 April 2017

After its presentation at AzkunaZentroa / Alhóndiga Bilbao in 2015, and on the occasion of the opening of Naves Matadero, the British Council promotes Siren, Ray Lees’ automatic kinetic installation. This is one of the greatest successes of this British artist first seen at  the Ars Electronica Festival of Austria, awarded at the Edinburgh Fringe and praised in more than 15 countries. Siren is a vision of a forest of metal tripods with rotating arms that turn on themselves driven by electric motors. The experience envelops us in a show of light, music and movement based on mechanical turns, electronic sound and light flashes.

"The Hypnotic Siren," as the New Yorker described it, has been mounted by Ray in illustrious spaces such  as the former Utrech Palace of Justice, the Oxford Museum of Modern Art, an abandoned textile factory in Derbyshire, and St. Clement Church of Ipswich.

Ray Lee + Co-Lapse. 

Do not miss March 17-19 the performance of the breakdance elite Co-Lapso gathered by the dancer, poet and writer Miguell Ballarín around this artwork. This is a fantastic opportunity to see five b-boys, the best at a national level,  performing this urban dance style  that has bypassed the limits of the street to gain access to theatres and art centres around the world. The five dancers explore in an integral way the current continuity of the break dance as a movement and, finally, relate it to other artistic languages.