Iain Sinclair

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Thursday 14 May 2015 - 19:00 to Friday 15 May 2015 - 23:59
CCCB, Barcelona

Iain Sinclair an author and producer who has focused his work on the experience with the landscape and the urban surroundings. Considered the king of psychogeography, he has a very particular way of exploring the world. 

Iain Sinclair is a prolific writer of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, author of  London Orbital: A Walk Around the M25 (2002) 

He has become renowned for using London and its environs as a central theme and has been compared with writers such as William Blake and William Burroughs.

Sinclair’s depictions of London (in fiction and non-fiction) have become associated with the term psychogeography. 

Simply defined, this means that the influence of place on the emotions is explored and made explicit. This concept has its roots in Situationism, and Sinclair describes the territories he examines with this in mind. He explains his working definition of psychogeography in an interview with Stuart Jeffries: ‘For me, it’s a way of psychoanalysing the psychosis of the place in which I happen to live. I’m just exploiting it because I think it is a canny way to write about London’ (The Guardian, 24 April 2004).

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