Keith Jarret
Friday 06 October 2017 -
22:00 to 23:00

The British Council continues to support emerging Spoken Word artists within the Brit'Lit Season.

Following the success of Jay Bernard's performance at the Hay Festival Segovia 17, Keith Jarrett comes back to Spain following his appearance at Azkuna Zentroa to participate in the  Slam Poetry event organised by Naves Matadero in colaboration with British Council and the Goethe Institute. The word, with it pervasive interaction with all art forms, can be expressed and transmitted in diferent ways, outlasting any cultural or political regime and social mores.

This session of Slam Poetry will include performances from well known figures of Spoken Word such as Ken Yamamoto, Mick Mengucci and Raquel Lima.

Keith Jarrett writes poetry and stories and has been Slam Poetry champion of London and the UK. He leads workshops and has organized festivals in English and Spanish. His poetry show: Indentity Mix-Up, received five stars and premiered at the Edinburgh Festival of Edinburgh in 2013. Following his success he complete the pioneering programme of Spoken Word Educators, teaching at a secondary school while studying at the University of Goldsmith. He also won the international championship of Rio at the literary festival FLUPP (Brasil 2014). Keith was commisioned to write a monologue as part of the Queers series, which was broadcast on the BBC this summer. Since receiving a grant to complete a Phd at Birkbeck College, University of London, Keith has been investigating Carribean Pentecostal culture in London, while writing a novel. His last poetry book, Selah, was published in June.