Wednesday 27 April 2016 to Sunday 15 May 2016

Discover this play by Shakespeare that takes place in Navarra presented by the theatre company Fundación Siglo de Oro in association with the Globe Theatre and the British Council with the collaboration of Fundación Baluarte.

The little known, " Love's Labour's Lost” is one of Shakespeare's early comedies.

The argument revolves around facts and figures taken from Shakespeare’s contemporary history. It tells the story of the King of Navarra and three of his knights who decide to retreat to the King’s castle for three years to devote themselves to scholarship and study, avoiding contact with women during that time. The arrival at the castle of the Princess of France and three of her ladies breaks the firm determination of the knights, leading to the confrontation between the votes to remain abstinent, and the seduction that involves breaking the oath to be swayed by the attraction of love.

This new production of “Love's Labour's Lost” will be pre-premiered at the Castle of Olite in Navarra, on April 23, 2016, and then premiered worldwide in the Baluarte Theater in Pamplona on April 24. The performances at the Canal Theatre in Madrid from April 27 to May 15 will mark the kick off a national tour taking place throughout 2016 visiting cities such as Oviedo, Las Palmas, Santander and Alicante to be followed by a season at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for three weeks in 2017.

In addition, a school campaign accompanied by specific educational materials will provide students in Madrid with the opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the work.

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