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Tuesday 17 November 2020 -
18:00 to 19:00

Panel discussion: Rethinking Quality Assurance in Plurilingual Education

We invite you to take part in our panel discussion around quality assurance in plurilingual education.  Our panel, Catrin Redknap, Sara Pampín García and Mercedes Hernández Estrada will provide short input sessions but panel content will be centred around the debate and questions posed by our audience. 

Our three ‘rethinking’ panels aim to start a conversation around these key areas involving all of the people with a stake in plurilingual education, and especially teachers. The panels are just the start of this rethinking process and we hope that you will join us to keep the conversation going. Mark Levy.


All schools want to offer the best education possible to their pupils, but how do we define “Quality” in plurilingual and bilingual education? What steps are necessary to help ensure we understand the impact and success of our schools? How can we celebrate and build on what is working and focus effectively on what could be better? 

Our Speakers

Dr. Catrin Redknap, Principal Research Officer (Welsh Language) Knowledge and Analytical Services, Welsh Government
Catrin will open her discussion with a brief exploratory overview of how ‘quality assurance’ in the context of plurilingual education can be interpreted. She will then set the scene for the development of two interrelated  ‘Welsh’ / ‘Welsh language’–specific areas: Welsh-medium provision and paths to Welsh language proficiency, and plurilingualism in the context of curriculum reform. 

Mercedes Hernández Estrada, Head, British Council School, Madrid.
Mercedes will explore the question: Why should schools want to be involved in their own quality assurance? She will make the case for the importance of self evaluation on the road to improvement and that this starts with articulating what "good" looks like.

Sara  Pampin Garcia, Head, Instituto Ferrari de Valladolid.(Secondary School in Bilingual Education Programme).
Sara will focus on the best educational experiences taking place in her high school and will outline how her team works to ensure quality. She will also talk about her experience in a working group of Heads of Bilingual Schools to develop a self-reflection QA ‘tool’ for the MEFP-British Council bilingual programme.

Chair: Mark Levy, Head English Programmes, British Council Spain

Mercedes Hernández Estrada

Mercedes returned to the Education sector in Spain as Head of the British Council School in Madrid, following a 30 year career in England where she was awarded the accolade of National Leader by the Department for Education in England.  Mercedes is an expert in curricula design, training and leadership and is a passionate advocate of fostering inclusive and quality bilingual and bicultural education in Spain and beyond.  

Sara Pampin Garcia, Head IES Emilio Ferrari, Valladolid

Sara Pampin Garcia

Becoming a teacher and encouraging teenage students to strive and pursue their dreams makes me feel useful and fulfilled.  I have a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master in Geophysics and Meteorology. I am passionate about nature and my main concern is the protection of the environment and the fight for a fairer society. I joined IES Emilio Ferrari five years ago and work with my  Bilingual Education Programme team daily as we seek to improve the bilingual experience of our students.

Mark Levy

Mark Levy

Mark's passions are football, music, his family and education and his story at the British Council began in 1994 while teacher training.  Since 2010 Mark has been Head of English Programmes in Spain and responsible for our work with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training  and the Regional Education Authorities to promoting quality teaching and learning outcomes in Bilingual and Plurilingual Education.  

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