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Policy seminar: 25 years of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training - British Council Bilingual Education Programme.  Empowering transformational change.   

We celebrated 25 years of our flagship education programme in Spain and were delighted to share the morning with educators and practitioners from across Spain and beyond.  You can catch up with some of our highlights at the links below.  

D. Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, Secretary of State for Education and Mark Howard, Director of the British Council in Spain reflected and debated the past, present and future impact the MEFP-British Council Bilingual Programme in Spain and its role in changing the landscape of bilingual education in Spain.   You can watch the video here. 

  1. Lucy Crehan, International Education Consultant,  shared the policies and strategies which high-performing and equitable education systems implement to support successful educational outcomes.
  2. Professor Zahir Irani, University of Bradford,  discussed how educational institutions can successfully engage in the economic regeneration and development of their local communities focusing on the case study of University of Bradford.  Watch Professor Iran's talk here. 

How can we continue to ensure that our teaching methodologies deliver quality learning outcomes for all of our students in our bilingual and plurilingual programmes?

As part of our policy event on Quality Assurance on 26 February we are running a series of six training webinars for teachers at each stage of Education (Early Years, Primary and Secondary) .   The webinars will share the models and tools that are being developed in our working groups and through examples, we will outline the work that is being done to reinforce a consistent approach to English which places learners at the centre of the curriculum and literacy at the heart of the programme.
You can register for the webinars below. Even if you are unable to attend by registering you will receive a recording of the training session. 

Catch up with our Early Years, Primary and Secondary webinars for teachers: 

An integrated approach in Early Years through topic webs.  (Speakers: Catherine Stewart, Tracey Chapelton)

Creating motivating learning opportunities from topic webs. (Speakers: Tracey Chapelton, Catherine Stewart)

Literacy in bilingual Primary Schools: an effective text based approach. (Speakers: Richard Stenhouse, Louise Van Laar)

A practical tool for Literacy in the bilingual Primary classroom. (Speakers: Louise Van Laar, Richard Stenhouse).

Helping students process and understand texts: insights from reading test developers (Speaker: Dr Victoria Clark)


Expert panel 1: Rethinking Assessment in Plurilingual Education (20.10.2020, 18:00)

Our first expert panel will look at the role, needs, challenges and opportunities of assessment in plurilingual education

Watch the recording of our assessment panel.

  • Barry O' Sullivan, Ana Linares, Lucy Crehan.
  • Chair: Dr Victoria Clark, Global Assessments, British Council.


Expert panel 2: Rethinking Inclusion in Plurilingual Education (03.11.20, 18:00)

The second in our series of expert panels will discuss solutions for promoting inclusive approaches to delivering bilingual and plurilingual education projects.
Watch the recording of our inclusion panel:

  • Prof. Tony Booth, Director, Index for Inclusion
  • Dr. Maria Luisa Perez Cañada, Universidad de Jaen.
  • Mariano Fernández Enguita, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Sonja Uhlmann, EDI Lead, British Council Spain
  • Chair: Mark Levy, Head English Programmes, British Council Spain.


Expert panel 3: Rethinking Quality Assurance in Plurilingual Education (17.11.2020, 18:00)

Our third and final panel in the lead up to our conference examines how school based quality improvement tools and strategies and initiatives can and do make a difference to better learning outcomes for students. 

Our Quality Assurance panel:

  • Dr. Catrin Redknap, Principal Research Officer (Welsh Language) Knowledge and Analytical Services, Welsh Government
  • Sara  Pampin Garcia, Head, Instituto Ferrari de Valladolid.(Secondary School in Bilingual Education Programme)
  • Mercedes Hernández Estrada, Head, British Council School  
  • Chair: Mark Levy, Head English Programmes, British Council Spain

Watch the recording of our panel here