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Our work with schools in Spain is in three main areas:

  1. Certification of British Schools in Spain for the Spanish Education Authorities.
    According to Real Decreto 806/93 all foreign schools in Spain must be accredited by their Embassy.  The British Embassy has delegated this authority to the British Council in Spain.  Only schools which have successfully passed an inspection by an authorised inspectorate will be accredited. 
  2. Courses for teachers and classroom materials.
    We support best practice in teaching and learning of English in all types of schools by providing high quality and relevant training tools and teaching materials via our Teaching English portal.
    English teachers and teachers working in CLIL or bilingual projects can find useful classroom materiales as well as connect with networks of teachers around the world.
  3. International projects for schools.
    Our Schools Online platform gives schools all over the world the opportunity to work together on curriculum projects.  
    Visit our site for resources, project templates, training and contact with prospective partner institutes. 

British Schools in Spain


As part of our quality assurance procedures The British Council requires that all British Schools in Spain are regularly inspected.  Schools must provide education to UK standards as well as comply with Spanish legislation.  No school can be accredited by the British Council without having first had a successful result in an indepent inspection.      

This system allows the British Council to guarantee to parents and Education Authorities that UK standards of quality are met.  Note:  it is the competency of the Spanish Departments of Education to authorise schools.     

Child Protection and legislation

British Schools in Spain are essentially private organisations and as such operate with a high level of autonomy regarding for example their ethos, admissions policies, codes of conducts and recruitment.  This is similar to how Independent Schools in the UK work.

When a pupil is admitted to a British School in Spain parents and families must understand that their agreement or contract with the school is governed by Spanish legislation.  Over and above the inspections carried out , British Schools in Spain must comply for example with Spanish legislation regarding Health and Safety, Child Protection, Employment and Tax.  

Protocol for accreditation of British Schools in Spain

You can download our complete guidance to this process.  The guide includes guidance on how to :

  1. open a British School or offer British qualifications 
  2. apply for inspection ( minimum every 4 years)
  3. make a complaint about a British School

You will also find an complete overview of the responsibilities of all stakeholder groups:  families, schools, British Council, inspectorates and Spanish Authorities.


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