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We work to strengthen relations between British and Spanish universities through debate and promotion of joint programmes.  We also support any universities or higher education institutes in Spain which provide British qualifications.  

We offer a range of education services to promote partnerships, participation in policy dialogue on issues relating to higher education. This includes the promotion and facilitatation of Spanish education sector at the annual higher education confrence, Going Global.

Academic Teaching Excellence Programme (ATE)

Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE) is a methodology training course for university lecturers who deliver their subject teaching in English.

With the rise of bilingual education programmes throughout Spain and the increasing international aspect of higher education, an ever increasing number of degree courses are taught in English in Spain. Often neither teachers nor students are native-speakers of English and this can result in dissatisfaction on both sides. Developed in close cooperation with the University of Oxford, ATE has been specifically designed to improve communication in class and thereby improve the overall quality of academic teaching. 

Find out more about what our ATE course can do for you and your institution.

Policy Dialogues

We support advances in education policy and bring together policy makers and professionals to learn from leading practice and shape future reforms. 

You can see more information about our policy dialogues programme on our International Higher Education events page.

Going Global 2019: Higher education conference

Every year, British Council hosts an international higher education conference for global leaders of international education.  Since its inception in 2004, Spanish higher education institutions have participated actively, bringing their experiences to over 1,000 delegates from all parts of the world.   

Our 2019 conference, Knowledge Diplomacy and the Digital World: Does international tertiary education have a role?  will take place in Berlin from 13 to 15 May.

Our services for universities

Consultancy services

The British Council in Spain can provide consultancy services to support Spanish Universities who want to develop partnerships with UK institutions. 

Internationalisation is key to university rankings and an important driver to student recruitment. It brings benefits to institutions and to both home and overseas students.  A key contributor to successful internationalisation and transferibility of qualifications is partnership agreements between UK and overseas institutions. Contact our education team for more information.

Study visits to the UK

Study visits and tours to the UK can help Spanish institutions enrich their own programmes within Higher Education. We can organise a full programme of activity which includes logistical arrangements in the UK and end-of-visit reports.

The UK has a world class higher education system and is one of the top study destinations worldwide.   British Council study visits include general introductory and in depth briefings on specific areas of interest about the UK's Education system. Please note that an estimate of costs and a contract is agreed before any study visit takes place.

Direct marketing

Spanish universities offering UK degree programmes are invited to exhibit at our annual British Education in Spain.  


Quality English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)  is a critical component in any internationalisation strategy.  British Council can help institutions develop staff capacity to more effectively deliver subjects through English. 

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