Wednesday 26 May 2021 -
18:30 to 19:30

This webinar will focus on the cognitive processes and language skills/competences involved in speaking. It will identify what teachers can learn from these to inform speaking activities/tasks in class and choose strategies to support L2 speaking and help students to be able to communicate more effectively and confidently in class. 

Speech is a complex cognitive, linguistic, and motor skill, produced quickly and efficiently for native or first language speakers, but often less quickly for second or foreign language learners (L2) whose knowledge of English vocabulary, grammar and phonology may be incomplete, causing them difficulties to speak in ‘real time’. In addition to linguistic aspects, there are pragmatic, or social, aspects of language that L2 speakers need to consider to be able to communicate appropriately.  The outcome of this webinar is that teachers will reflect on all these factors involved in L2 speaking as well as suggested strategies and be able to help their students speak more effectively and confidently.

Presenter: Dr Victoria Clark (British Council
Moderator: Mark Levy (British Council)


1. All registrants will receive a recording of the session once it has finalised
2. The talk will be delivered in English, no translation is available
3. No certificates of attendance will be provided  

Dr Victoria Clark

Dr Victoria Clark is currently the Global Assessments Solutions Manager for the British Council. She leads on work with ministries of education, regional educational authorities, universities and other tertiary institutions to assess and respond to their assessment needs.  

Victoria is currently working on several projects including aligning assessment to national curricula and advising ministries of education on the role of assessment in bilingual education. 


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