Candidata de examen aptis durante la sesión

From April 2022 onwards, when you register for your Aptis exam, you’ll be signing up for Aptis ESOL General, Aptis ESOL Advanced or Aptis ESOL for Teachers.

The Aptis ESOL exam you will take is exactly as now, with no changes to test format or task type in any of the test components.

How you receive your results will stay the same too, with results available in 48 - 72 hours and your Aptis ESOL certificate dispatched to you less than two weeks after you take your exam.

Institutions and universities across Spain will recognise Aptis ESOL as Aptis is recognised now.

Aptis certificates awarded before April 2022 will still be valid in Spain according to each recognising body's regulations.

Why the name change?

All three Aptis variants for adult learners of English; Aptis ESOL General, Aptis ESOL Advanced and Aptis ESOL for Teachers are now regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England (Ofqual).

Your certificate will also have a new design to reflect this change. Have a look at a sample Aptis ESOL certificate here (PDF)

  • Trusted and validated.
  • Supervised and secure.
  • Accurate and recognised.
  • Aptis ESOL is the English certification for you.

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