Reiniciamos nuestros exámenes Aptis IELTS y Cambridge presenciales

British Council Exams are now restarting (Aptis, IELTS and Cambridge) exams sessions across Spain and we are prioritising your health, safety and security in our exams. We will be ensuring that: 

  • All health and safety measures are communicated to our exams candidates before the exam.
  • Our exams venues are cleaned and sanitized before, during and after each exam.
  • Access to and from our exams venues or centres is controlled to respect the minimum allowed social distancing at all times.
  • The total number of candidates present in exams sessions does not exceed the official permitted reduced capacity of our buildings.
  • Our candidates are able to take their exam in a cleaned and ventilated room at a safe distance from others.
  • Our exams supervisors and examiners are provided with protective equipment and sanitizing materials in line with official requirements.
  • There is a clear protocol in place if a candidate or staff members starts to display symptoms compatible with Covid-19 on the day of the exam.