Madrid will be holding the biggest LGBTIQ celebration (Lesbians, Gays,Bisexuals, Transexuals, Intersexuals and Queer) in history since the WorldPride Day in London in 2012 from the 23rd June to 2nd July.  More than 3 million people are expected to visit the capital to participate in the WorldPride Madrid 2017 .

We don't want to miss out... Do you? 
Join us in our activities and help us promote our values, supporting and defending equality, diversity and inclusion. 

LoveIsEmotion. Enjoy the Five Films 4 Freedom shorts (16 - 19 June) 

Come join us at the Cafetería de Naves Matadero. Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas.  

You will be able to enjoy the five award winning shorts chosen for Five Films 4 Freedom, the first online LGBT film festival shown on a continual loop throughout the day.  

The week they were released these short films were seen 1.5 million times in 179 countries, some where the LGBT community has no rights. The selection of films shows, sometimes in an unusual way and from different perspectives, the problems faced by the LGBT community in different societies. 

LoveIsPride: Film cycle on (1 June - 31 July) 

If you are interested in exploring the LGBTIQ subject further or you can't get to Madrid we suggest you check out the 13 British productions which we have chosen for the Pride Season on 

To reflect on love and its many forms you can watch films such as Weekend or Pride, series such as Cucumber & Banana or the documentaries With Gilbert + George and The world of Liberace. 

LoveIsGreat. Fleur East, Ray BLK y 99 Souls in concert(30 june)

"Love is Great" will be the manifesto of the latest and best British bands who will be performing from 10pm on stage at Plaza España. 

Ray BLK is the artist of 2017 according to the BBC; Fleur East, of X Factor fame will be presenting her songs such as "Sax. Finally the DJ duo, DJs 99 Souls, who leapt to fame with the single "The Girl Is Mine", will be rocking Madrid with their electronic sounds..

LoveIsDialogue. Do you fancy joining the Tweet chats for love? 

Connect to Twitter and share your experiences, your doubts and questions with LGBTIQ ambassadors from around the world. Through this action we want to raise awareness of the difficulties that this community faces, while also generating a worldwide dialogue in search of new conclusions and new areas to debate.  Follow us and be part of the conversation in Twitter with the hashtag #LoveIsGreat.

Date and time (GMT+1) Tweet chat for love with... Twitter account and language for the session 
June 20, 14:00 h Kagure Mugo (Kenya) Conversation with @tiffmugo ‏in English

Ambassador's biography

Kagure Mugo is from Kenya and co founder and curator of, a website and space for queer African women. It publishes written, audio and visual material by queer African women at home and in the diaspora and engages in activism, knowledge production and awareness building. Kagure’s work has been included in Walking the Tightrope, Poetry and Prose from LGBTQ writers from Africa, published in 2016.

June 21, 16:00 h Giovanni Piermattei (Venezuela) Conversation with @piermatteig in Spanish

Ambassador's biography

Giovanni Piermattei has created the Art Exhibition for Sexual Diversity in Venezuela and has more than 5 years fighting for LGBTI rights in Venezuela. He leads Venezuela Igualitaria NGO and connected more than 40 organisations in Venezuela to collect more than 20,000 signs to support the draft of Equal Marriage Bill which was presented in the Parliament. The Art Exhibition has been performed in 2 cities in Venezuela and this year will be performed in Caracas, the capital city. Giovanni connects likewise the LGBTI movement in Venezuela with allies from America and Spain. 

June 26, 12:00 h Mahmoud Hassino (Syria) Conversation with @SyrianGayGuy in English

Ambassador's biography

Mahmoud Hassino is a Syrian journalist; he started blogging about LGBT rights in 2006 while he was still in Syria. Due to the Syrian regime's crackdown on nonviolent protests, he fled to Turkey where he worked on journalism and documenting human rights violations, and started the first Syrian LGBT online magazine, Mawaleh. His participations in Istanbul LGBT pride and advocacy for LGBT rights put him under serious risk. He had to flee to Germany where he continued working on Mawaleh and organising Mr. Gay Syria competition in Istanbul. He is now working at Schwulenberatung Berlin with their LGBTI refugees project. In the meantime, he is still going to Turkey despite all the risks to help the Syrian LGBT refugee community there.  

LoveIsDebate: LGTB rights in the world. (26 -28 june)  

The British Embassy in Spain is cooperating with the symposium Madrid Summit: una Conferencia Mundial de Derechos Humanos, which will take place at the Campus of Cantoblanco of the Autonomous University of Madrid. 

For three days, experts from around the world will discuss topics such as education, bullying, attacks, violence and the influence of governments and the Press on LGTB rights. 

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