Cai Tomos

Introductory notes

After four weeks of experimental work, Cai reflects on the evolution of the project, previous expectations and the things he is learning from the artists.

Far from reaching a final conclusion, the Welsh choreographer is learning how to manage time from a different perspective while waiting for, observing and supporting new ways to create art.

Interview with Cai Tomos

1. How has the project developed over the last two sessions?

-My sense is that each week things deepen. Things become more understood not just through language but through the relationships. Work has deepened with Debajo del Sombrero and there have been new participants, like Mario, this week so we’re still developing conversations and dialogues with the artists, both established artists after 3 weeks works like Andrés, Belén and Itziar and new artists.

Themes are becoming clearer but each week is an entity in itself. I try not to think what’s going to happen. Its important to let each week have its own feel, and try not to assume anything. Each week keep having a sense of  “I don’t know what might happen” and I value that uncertainty is vital, for any creative process. They’re teaching me how to see, how to look at their creative process, how to feel into what's happening, and how to trust that everything is the work, the way we walk over to the space and walk back, everything is included in the creative process.

2. Can you describe some of the concrete projects they’re working on?

-Themes are emerging in their work. Like my walks with Andrés. Some artist are developing costume ideas that are tied in thematically to what emerging, so I invited Lily Hartman, an artist who lives in Madrid and is related to costume, to come and have a conversation around costumes….  so these conversations are all about expanding and supporting whats emerging.


Cai Tomos.

3. What are you learning from them?

-Such a big question! but i think its about the relationship with time and my own perception of time and rhythm, how that is changing for me through this work. I want to write myself a manifesto of how to listen and how to work without being in the way, but present enough to support what's happening and developing it. I'm watching, responding, listening and suggesting, but always moving,something feels like it's always moving.

 I'm learning about the artists relationship with time, and how I can learn from that. Every action, or choice by the artist has its own inherent meaning, the materials have a voice and they shape that voice, in such a way that it becomes clearer and clearer.. over time.

4. Is the process far from what you expected when you started?

-I can sense the legacy of Debajo del Sombrero and their culture while working is centered around prioritizing to the artists’ voice, but also supporting the emergence of it. That allows something to happen. But I really didn’t know what was going to happen. 

It’s like following a scent,nothing can be fixed and there is something so wonderful about that, to place the emphasis as on what's happening in the process and any outcomes are set aside, they are there but we keep following what's coming in each week. I wrote myself a little reminder, a mantra of how to help myself see:

I don’t know who you are, or who you might be.

Who you can be, who you have been, what you do, or can’t do.

I only know you now.

Now and now and now and now.

Can we know each other in a series of Now’s.