Introductory notes

From Monday to Wednesday work took place in Intermediae, the space where Debajo del Sombrero runs its workshops space at Naves Matadero Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas. On Thursday we moved to the Fine Arts Faculty at the Complutense University and on Friday we were in the Casa Encendida.

Over this period we observed how the artists interacted with Cai in order to ascertain which of them might be better suited to working with him.


Reflections on the session (by Cai Tomos)

This projects seems to be about questions surrounding relating and relationship and how art making becomes a lens in which to see and feel the actuality of relating.

The outcome of these dialogues is unknown, and this unknowing is central to the philosophy which is at the heart of this project "Some Things from Somewhere".

Working alongside the artists, they reach deep into themselves, until they seem to almost disappear or appear to themselves perhaps. What is clear is that we are in the delicate hands of the mysterious.

I trust that something palpable and real appears for an instant where we are both suspended by the creative act. We are nowhere, and everywhere. It seems that I disappear as much as I can; my mind in its particular quality of thought is obscured by an attention to another way of being. The absence of words allow another language to appear perhaps, one of gesture, of movement in space, and of building a language in each moment that serves what is asked of us creatively.

The dance appears in the navigation and orbiting of each other. Somehow we are in the same atmosphere, moving in our own sphere, but there is a tension that holds it all.

Perhaps my interest lies in making that tension visible.

I think at times were dancing the unthinkable, and speaking the inexpressible through another language that is revealed through creative relationship.

There are many questions that appear in each moment of this work. The questions themselves are the work; they support the emergence of things and their meaning.

What is it to wait in the space, with no desire or will to shape a creative direction, what unfolds in the possible suspension of these?

The opportunity in this project might be a continual celebration of the ‘small things’ the play and value of intricacy, detail, the seemingly irrelevant and tiny moments, delicate and barely discernible. Creativity in service of creativity.