North by Southwest is an English-language radio programme first broadcast in 2009 and produced in partnership by Radio Televisión Española and the British Council. It gives a taste of British and international arts in Spain and also explores social, scientific and educational issues. North By Southwest is broadcast every week on Radio Nacional de España's Radio Exterior as part of its English-language service.

The name of the programme, North by Southwest, is a nod to Hitchcock and reflects the relative positions of the UK and Spain on the map of Europe. The format is interview-based and each episode tells the story of exciting cultural events and projects through the eyes of protagonists, organisers and the audience. A host of leading UK, Spanish and international artists and cultural figures - from writers, musicians and filmmakers to politicians, scientists and arts leaders - have contributed to the programme since its launch in 2009.

North By Southwest is produced and presented by Nicolas Jackson from the Arts Department at the British Council in Spain. Nicolas also produces and presents the Spanish language version of The Selector, the British Council radio programme on emerging UK music on Radio Nacional de España's Radio 3, as well as programmes on classical music for RNE's Radio Clásica. He also produces and directs audio drama for the BBC.

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