Café Scientifique in Madrid
Café Scientifique in Madrid ©

Mercedes Rodríguez / La Casa Encendida

Since 2006 the British Council in Spain and La Casa Encendida have collaborated to put on a series of accessible discussions in unconventional venues on the subject of “Sustainable Cities".

Most lectures take place in cafés, bars and restaurants and other non-academic venues, such as the beautiful courtyard of La Casa Encendida in Madrid. These venues encourage participants to talk in a relaxed and welcoming setting about the latest thought-provoking scientific issues. It is not necessary to be a scientist or science student to take part.

Café Scientifique is about science in society and how it shapes the world around us; for this reason everyone is welcome. 

How do I apply?

The event is taking place in November and there are 60 places open to those who apply. Be sure to come back for information in the autumn.