Students at UK university campus

Universities, schools, Exam Boards and other institutions are adapting procedures and processes in the context of the Covid 19 emmergency.  The following information is drawn from UK Government and other official sources and will be updated regularly.  

If you are currently studying an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification at a UK university then please contact your institution for any specific questions.  The information below is general guidance.  

Q1. Can I access UK Government funding (loan) for my course if classes do not begin and I am not in the UK?

If your course begins before 1 January 2021 you have the right to access the student loan provided that you comply with the requirements ( European citizen, resident  in Spain, have an unconditional offer, do not hold a qualification in similar studies). 

Q2. If I defer my course start date to autumn 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemia can I still access a Student Loan?

EU students whose courses begin at universities in England beyond January 2021 will no longer be eligible for home student fees nor student loans to cover these.  

Q3. Can I graduate this Summer?

Graduation dates and ceremonies are likely to be affected.  Your university will provide updated information regarding graduation arrangements 2020.

Q4. I have not returned to Spain and I am currently residing in student accomodation. Until when will this be available?

The UK Govenment has requested that all universities and schools maintain access to accomodation during and beyond official term time for students who have not returned to their home countries or are unable to do so due to the Covid19 emmergency.  Further information available here.  

Q5. If I fall ill, can I access health services?

The answer is yes.  As a student at a UK university you have the same right of Access to the NHS as any British citizen.  Furthermore, Covid 19 treatment is free to any person currently in the UK irrespective of status.   

Q6. I have returned to Spain, do I have to continue paying for my UK accommodation?

Please contact your university directly about this. 

Q7. Are summmer courses likely to be affected?

The majority of universities are planning a scenario of no face to face classes over the summer.  Please contact your university for specific details.  

Q8. I have returned to Spain and I am considering transfering to a Spanish university to continue with my degree. Is this possible?

Transfering mid degree is not a straightforward process.  Firstly, you have to find a university in Spain which is prepared to review your current academic transcript, taking into account credits and subjects already studied as well as those pending.  Ideally your credits would be recognised (convalidated) but  you would be expected to undertake any outstanding subjects and their corresponding credits which exist in the Spanish programme of study (even if these are from first year of programmes) as an exact mapping of curricula is practically impossible. 

The first step is to contact a Spanish university directly and follow their indications.

Q9. Q: Can I confirm my place if I am not able to sit the exam for English language accreditation?

Many universities are doing personal interviews and exploring other alternative access routes  so that students are able to demonstrate their level of English.  IELTS has developed an online English test, available from April 2020, and this is accepted by the universities.  You can find out more about IELTS Exams here.   

Q10. Will my normal classes restart in Autumn 2020?

Although a return to normality is in everyone’s interest, it is still difficult to provide a definitive answer.  However some universities have made provisions and their responses can be found here.   
We strongly recommend that you keep in close touch with your university regarding arrangements for next academic year. 

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