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Prepare for Cambridge English B2 First

When you pass a Cambridge English exam, you obtain a certificate that allows you to demonstrate the level of English you have achieved. Do you want to prepare for a B2 First Cambridge English exam (First Certificate) and obtain a certificate that will attest your in-depth knowledge on B2 level

Discover the options from British Council: 

Online preparation course for B2 Cambridge English

Get ready for the B2 First with our 20-hour online course with a teacher to give you the final push and pass your FCE exam. If this is your preferred option: 

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We recommend a level B2 plus or a C1. The courses focus on practicing the exam with a level of English that will give you a higher probability of passing. In the case you need more preparation, you can do another 20-hour module. 

If your level is B2 low or intermediate, we recommend you do a MyClass course to up your level and later on complete the specialised courses once you are ready. Discover MyClass here

Price: 360€

Dates and Times

24/01 to 03/02 Monday to Thursday 10:00h - 12:30h or 19:00h - 21:30h
07/02 to 17/02 Monday to Thursday 10:00h - 12:30h or 19:00h - 21:30h
28/02 to 10/03 Monday to Thursday 10:00h - 12:30h or 19:00h - 21:30h

Flexible preparation course for B2 Cambridge English

MyClass is our flexible and customisable system in which you will be able to do face-to-face or online classes using the credits you purchase to prepare your FCE, CAE or CPE. Within MyClass you also have general English classes if you need to improve your level before the exam. 


You can access this course from any level, we recommend you reach a B2 (intermediate) level. 


A system based on credits. 1 credit = 1 class = 90 minutes. You will be able to purchase your credits and customise your course depending on the intensity you want. 

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What you will learn

On this course you will: 

  • prepare thoroughly for the Cambridge English B2 First exam and develop essential exam techniques
  • improve your ability and confidence when using spoken and written English in a wide variety of situations
  • reach the level needed for the Cambridge English First exam

Our course will prepare you for the exam through classes led by experts in Cambridge exam preparation, as well as giving you techniques, tricks and information on the exam skills. In this course you will have the opportunity to review each one of the sections of the test: written comprehension, use of English, written expression, oral comprehension and oral expression. This way you will get to the exam day with confidence. 

What is the B2 First? 

B2 First, also known as First Certificate or FCE, is one of the most important oficial English exams, and its a certificate that recognises a B2 level within the MCER or Common European Reference. This exam is designed to encompass the four linguistic competences, written comprehension, use of English, written expression, oral comprehension and oral expression, as well as grammar and vocab knowledge. 

This certificate will allow you to demonstrate you can study and work at an intermediate level, and comfortably use English in your day to day whilst at an English speaking country. 

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