Logo for British Council Spain's annual teacher conferences.  Teaching for Success 2017.

Teaching for Success  - Teacher Conference
23 September 

You are invited to our second conference for teachers of English in Palma de Mallorca. We are organising another day full of helpful training sessions to make sure that you start the new teaching year n the best possible way. Please, read the whole programme here.
Our sessions will support your professional development whether you work in a bilingual school, English language academy or teacher training centre and will give you fresh ideas and inspiration for working with CLIL methodology, Secondary students and adults. You will be able to sign up for the sessions which best suit your needs.

We hope to see you at our Palma de Mallorca teacher conference but please remember that places are limited so we recommend that you book as soon as possible.  

Our sessions

Our own expert teacher trainers and invited experts will deliver a wide range of talks and sessions suitable for all educational contexts.    

OPENING PLENARY SESSION (livestreamed from madrid).

Language learning in the 21st century goes beyond a mother language, a foreign language, a monolingual identity. Future societies require individuals with multilingual and intercultural competence, who can function in complex language situations. But the future is here today [...]

This multilingual scenario has a significant impact on children’s early experiences of language, literacy and identity. Yet, education systems continue to treat languages as separate entities.

This presentation explores multilingualism as a holistic phenomenon from a sociolinguistic, cognitive and affective perspective. It looks at how children develop and manage their multiple languages, what teachers can do to build on children’s linguistic repertoires, and why a multilingual approach is imperative for education systems. 

Writing Skills for Exam Success at B2 / BY N. Graham

This workshop will focus on B2 level writing tasks, especially when related to success in exams. It will consider criteria used by examiners and sets out to help teachers prepare their learners, providing tips on classroom activities to make this forgotten art more dynamic and fun. We hope to discover more about content, communicative achievement, organisation and language. Register, grammatical forms and collocation will also play a role in this interactive session.

Identity in the Classroom: Why Does It Matter So Much? / BY J. Free

This talk will be directed to anyone who works with learners regardless of their age and level.  It has been inspired by the work of Earl Stevick and others like him who believe that what happens “inside and between the people in the classroom” deserves our care and attention, perhaps even more so  than our technical knowledge and expertise.

Critical thinking in the YL classroom / BY E. Marsh 

The session aims to help both primary and secondary English teachers become more aware of how to prepare students to be better able to understand the skills that are required to become a critical thinker. From the why and because, the yes and the no, the giving of opinions to the more complex structures of functional language, teachers will look at some practical tools that lead learners to successful communication in English. In other words: to think outside the box.