Mucho más que clases de inglés

Much more than English classes

The best way to reinforce the English you learn in class is to put it to natural use in everyday activities. When you come to the British Council, as well as attending English classes to help you achieve your goals, you can benefit from a wide range of free services and activities to round off your academic and personal development. And of course, when you register your child at a British Council teaching centre, the entire family can benefit from a wide variety of services and complimentary activities. 

Activities for Adults

  • LIFE SKILLS WORKSHOPS: Get on in your professional life through workshops to learn how to prepare your CV in English, negotiate at work, or perform fluently at meetings and job interviews.
  • CONVERSATION CLUBS: Improve your fluency and put into practice everything you’ve learnt in class with our free conversation sessions. You’ll have the chance to talk to other learners about current topics and gain confidence when you speak.
  • FILM CLUBS: Discover our selection of British films in the original language. As well as enjoying a film in English, you can take part in activities organised by our teachers together with other British Council students.
  • EXAM PRACTICE: Preparing for an exam such as the First Certificate or Advanced? Get ready for the big day with our sessions, in which you can learn useful strategies and tactics to pass the exam.

Activities for Primary Students

  • STORY-TELLING AT THE LIBRARY: Come to our story-telling sessions at the library and enjoy listening to book reading in English with your child.
  • CHRISTMAS CARD COMPETITION: To get started in the Christmas spirit we will be hosting a session on Christmas card making and design this year´s British Council card. The winning design will appear in our Christmas card.
  • ART FESTIVAL: During the summer course, the students will be able to let their imagination loose and create a drawing following the proposed theme to be included in the oficial British Council worldwide calendar. 
  • FESTIVITIES AND CULTIRAL WEEK: Throughout the course, the students will be able to participate in various competitions depending on the season, for example Halloween, Easter holidays or the World Book Day.  We will also have games and fun activities during our cultural week.
  • OPEN CLASS DAY FOR PARENTS: On this day you will be able to attend class with your child and experience his learning process.

Activities for Secondary Students

  • WORKSHOPS YOU CAN CHOOSE: During the entire year, we offer a great variety of clubs and free workshops such as theatre, short film making and tools for oral presentations. The children will thoroughly enjoy the workshops and will make new aquaintances whilst learning new skills. 

Reinforcement of Cambridge Exams

  • FREE WORKSHOPS ON EXAM TECHNIQUES (KET/PET/FCE/CAE): We have extra reading sessions, Use of English, Speaking and Listening for students registered in KET, PET, FCE or CAE exams to ensure they achieve the best posible grading in every test. 

Students who want to take KET or PET exams will be able to see a real exam by registering for a mock exam process which will take place on a Saturday morning during March, exact date will be confirmed further on. 

  • ORAL PRACTICE FOR EXAMINATION: If your child is registered for a Cambridge exam he/she will be able to practice speaking with examiners who will provide feedback and advice to maximise their skillset and increase confidence in themselves. 
  • ACADEMIC REINFORCEMENT: Book a reinforcement session for your child with a teacher that will help in specific areas such as Writing or exam techniques. Yo can request more information at the library. 

Informative chats for for children and parents

  • HOW TO HELP CHILDREN WITH ENGLISH (FOR PARENTS): We will discuss the benefits of helping your child to practice English outside of the classroom. Learning together will be fun!
  • STUDYING IN THE UK (FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN): If you are thinking in sending your child to study at a British school or university, we will inform you about the registration process and the most important information you need to know.
  • SECURE INTERNET FOR YOUNG LEARNERS (FOR PARENTS): We will explain how you can help your child navigate their way though the internet in a responsible and protected manner at all times.  
  • INFORMATION ABOUT CAMBRIDGE EXAMS (FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN): Do you want your child to register for a Cambridge examination? We will inform you of the different exams for children, what they are about and how they will be useful in their future.
  • STORY-TELLING TECHNIQUES FOR YOUR CHILDREN (FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN): Would you like to practice your English whilst you tell stories to your children? Come and spend a fun time whilst you learn narrating techniques that will surprise your whole family.
  • WORKSHOP TO IMPROVE LEARNING (FOR STUDENTS): We will propose some steps to improve English through motivation and the continuation of learning independently.
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE APPLICATIONS AT BRITISH COUNCIL AND ONLINE RESOURCES (FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN): We will show you how to use our applications and our Learn English web to improve English within the family outside the classroom.