Tuesday 31 October 2017 to Sunday 12 November 2017

In partnership with Madrid City Council in the framework of Madrid Capital of fashion the British Council is organizing the third workshop in Europe on Sustainable fashion from the 12th to 14th December. The call is open till the 12th November to designers who wish to develop their career in the area of sustainable fashion and deal with the European market. The programme aims to identify future leaders in the fashion industry in France, Greece, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. 

After the success of the first workshops "Sustainable Fashion" organised by the British Council in Marseille (France) in collaboration with La Maison Méditerranéenne de Métiers de la Mode, and in Athens in partnership with Atopos, the British institution continues to support this industry with the launch of the third workshop which will take place in Madrid from the 12th to the 14th December. We have therefore asking for expressions of interest until the 12th November from Spanish, French, Greek and Portugues designers.

Applications open until the 12 November. 

On this occasion the participants will be able to get to grips with the challenges that they face in the textile industry, thanks to the presence of Alice Holmberg (asociate profesor at Centrla Saint Martin's) and of the designers of the luxury streetwear brand ONEBYME who are experts in circular economy. 

The workshop will be preceeded by the visit to DWeek Bilbao Bizkaia of Carry Somers, a key figure in British fashion and founder of the movement Fashion Revolution to raise awareness in companies and the general public of the environmental and human challenges generated by the fashion industry. Her talk will take place at the Azkun Zentroa on the 16th November and will be streamed online. 

The British Council will also be organizing a series of "tweet chats" with profesionals from the fashion world in the uK to exchange examples of good practice via twitter. 


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