DJ Don Letts
Thursday 27 October 2016 to Sunday 06 November 2016

It has been 40 years since PUNK came crashing into our lives leaving its indelible mark. Celebrate 40 years of PUNK with the British Council in partnership with BEEFEATER IN-EDIT

BEEFEATER IN-EDIT will be focusing on PUNK this year and offers a unique opportunity to see 5 films reflecting upon the origins of the movement and its enduring influence. 

Films such as Jubilee (1978)  by Dereck Jarman and Rough Cuts and Ready Dubbed (1982) by Hasan Shah and Dom Shaw, to The filth and the fury (2000) by Julien Temple and Gimme Danger (2016) by Jim Jarmusch

Catch the programme in Barcelona or Madrid, and if you are in South America either in Columbia or Chile. 

DJ Don Letts,  who single-handed turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae and documented Punk from its beginnings, will be here in Barcelona to give a talk. He directed over 300 music videos for a diverse range of artists, including the Clash, Bob Marley and Elvis Costello. He created the band Basement Five, released a single with members of John Lydon's P.I.L, managed The Slits and collaborated with members of Trouble Funk. 

Don Letts will be giving his talk on Wednesday 2nd November at 7:15pm at the  Aribau Club 2. If you cannot see him live, we will be live streaming his talk.